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Project Description :


This is a simple windows application for signing into the Asianet Broadband connection using the Username and Password provided by Asianet Dataline.This project is inspired from the auto login script by Anoop John , you can find the original project .

Asianet Auto Logger Application

 Malayalam Interface


1.What is the purpose of this application ?

If you are using Asianet Broadband connection then you might have come across the login web page where you need to provide the username and password to access the Internet .The problem with this is that basically your browser loads the page very slowly and in addition to that they have put annoying ads and popups . Asianet Auto Logger is a one time setup , once you configure the application with you username , password and login URL you are free from these hassle. 

2.Saving the password does the same then why do I need to use this application ?

Because saving the password in browser will still leave you with the problems like slower loading , annoying ads , SSL certificate issues plus you must leave the browser tab opened all the time if you need to use the Internet.With this application you just need to setup auto login so the application logs you in automatically when your system boots up.

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